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the makers of Moon Cheese

About NutraDRIED Food Company

NutraDRIED Food Company LLC is the manufacturer of Moon Cheese™ – “The Cheese That Crunches” – and we have been proudly based in Ferndale since our inception in 2013.

Moon Cheese™ is a unique and delicious snack that is 100% only cheese! These crunchy bite-sized pieces of real cheese are made right here in Ferndale, (but you would think they came straight from the moon itself!). Moon Cheese™ is on trend with today’s growing healthy snack segment. Being made of nothing but 100% cheese, Moon Cheese™ is a great source of calcium, high in protein, low/no carb and naturally gluten free.

Moon Cheese™ is growing rapidly in popularity around the country and is proud to call Ferndale both its home and launchpad.


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6920 Salashan Parkway, Ste #D111
Ferndale, WA 98248