Ferndale Farmstead, a family owned and operated creamery, has received national recognition this year for their artisan cheeses. They received three awards from the American Cheese Society at their national conference in Denver, with their Scamorza taking second place in the Mozzerella category, and their Asiago Press and Caciotta receiving second and third place respectively in the Farmstead category. Over 281 companies submitted 2,024 products to the competition, making it the largest number of entries in the organization’s history.

“We’re so incredibly excited to have our cheeses awarded at a national level,” Daniel Wavrin, head cheesemaker at Ferndale Farmstead said. “We take a lot of pride in the seed-to-cheese process behind our creamery and we couldn’t be more humbled to receive this recognition.”

Ferndale Farmstead’s cheeses were recognized for both their flavor profiles and the process that goes into their production. Unlike other cheese competitions, where cheeses are graded down for technical defects, the American Cheese Society’s competition recognizes cheeses for both their aesthetic and technical quality.